Pines are a very common species in the north hemisphere, there are 110 different species of Pinus.

In Spain, there’s a large history of reforestations where species of pines where used. These projects weren’t well planned, as they only used pine species (monoculture). They are fast growing but also it’s propagation is beneficiated by wildfires.

We work mainly with Pinus Pinea, a coniferous evergreen tree that can reach 30m height and it’s fruit (pinions) are highly appreciated by the fauna of mediterranean countries. If we increase the availability of food stock for birds, rodents and even wildboards, we also support the population of predators.

Pinus Sylvestris is another coniferous evergreen tree that can even reach 35mts height, this type of pine is very appreciated by it’s high quality wood.

And Pinus Nigra, which is decreasing in Spain each year.