↟ Sara Cobos ↟

↟ Sara Cobos ↟


¡Hola amigos! My name is Sara and I’m a nature advocate. I was raised in a very into forestry family, nature and wildlife got my attention from my early days. I graduated university doing my specialization in Sustainable Tourism.

I love traveling and getting inmerse in new cultures. From my experience traveling I discovered how different countries with different cultures have to deal with common problems such as: mass tourism, plastic pollution, bad waste management, coral bleaching, deforestation,an important loss in biodiversity, lack of water, scarcity of resources, etc.

What really moves me is the improvement of forestry management for wildlife conservation. I’m in charge of the environmental part of the organization, providing conferences and seminars raising awareness about conservation and sustainability. I want to show the world that there’s options left for those who want to save the planet and fight for those who have no voice.

If you are interested in our conferences and seminars, please contact t4h.org@gmail.com